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Ron Obvious is cool, buddy

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The Name ?  The band name is a reference to a Monty Python character.   Here  is the "Ron Obvious" transcript.
Recordings ?     Any/all songs were originally recorded on 4-track cassette. Most songs were written and recorded within a single 8 hour period (not really very impressive when you've heard some of the results).  "Other Times" was updated and re-recorded on an 8 track 1/4 inch machine.

Opinions ?   Yes !  We have them !  Most of them can be expressed by quoting a line from Star Trek (or maybe Star Wars). In other words - essentially a great rock in space. More to the point, however, pure energy. huh ?

Variety ?  Yup, again. Check out some of our associates.  They are, in alphabetical order:  AlienSporeBomb, and Thinmen.


You can click here to contact Jeff.


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